Originally posted on Topliners for my Luminary exam.   For one of our customers, we had to come up with a massive strategy. The request was to have 12 to 16 European countries within on single Eloqua environment. An important point of this request was to have each country only have access to their own contacts. Our goal was to create a blueprint that abled us to roll out to new countries without having to do double work. Our Challenge The challenge during this implementation was: The coordination in the Netherlands, and technical support from India and the US To create a uniform data model and Eloqua structure An efficient and stable way of connection between countries and Eloqua environment[…]

Originally posted on Eloqua Topliners   This post is written to help everyone who is interested in starting with the REST & Bulk API’s. The basic authentication is the easiest to start with, and OAuth2.0 access token and refresh token take some more time to set up. Oracle states throughout their documentation that basic Authentication should only be used for testing purposes and never for actual integrations (because of security reasons). In case you are building a custom integration with a back-end system, it is best to stick to the OAuth2.0 method.  Installing Postman Before you can start with the API’s, you should install Postman. This app makes API development faster, easier, and better. The free app is used by more than 3.5 million developers and[…]